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Anyone new to the hobby has once asked yourself the question: “What do I need to create my own desired fish tank?”. Although it appears simple, answering the question properly requires a lot of relevant research in advance.

In this article, we will help you save time by discussing 7 basic aquarium fish supplies one needs to equip their tanks to have successful fishkeeping.

  1. Fish tank

It is obvious. Of all other important supplies, you have to first get an appropriate fish tank. How one could find out the tank destined to their fish depends upon the type of fish they are going to keep, and the type of aquarium they intend to create.

Keeping fish in captivity requires lots of issues to be concerned with rather than just putting the fish in a container filled with water. Fishkeepers need to know not only the wild habitat but also the characteristics of the said fish to imitate and maintain the right living conditions for them in home aquariums. Whether the fish live alone or in groups, whether they are aggressive or peaceful, whether they demand for ample spaces to swim or hiding places to shelter, etc., all of those factors will affect the consideration of the fish tank. That has not yet mentioned the aquarists’ purposes. Whether they only want to keep fish, or both keep fish and create an impressive aquascaping tank.

Besides, it is also worth noting that the type of fish tank one opts for may somehow affect the decision on other essential supplies required for successful fishkeeping.

  1. Filtration system

Many experienced fishkeepers admitted that “No one should keep a fish in captivity without having an aquarium filter running 24/7”. It is true.

Indeed, filters play an important role in contribution to successful fishkeeping. It purifies the water in the fish tank and makes it appropriate for the fish to live in captivity. Though the results are quite impressive, filter’s operation is simple. The device sucks the water through its media and filters it by keeping debris then returning the filtered water to the aquarium. Moreover, the filter is known as the home of beneficial bacteria, an indispensable organism that stimulates the nitrogen cycle which keeps the ammonia (toxic), nitrite (toxic), and nitrates levels under control.

Learn more about beneficial bacteria and nitrogen cycle in our article: Why cycle a fish is important, What is a cycle fish tank, How to cycle a fish tank

Due to this, it is not strange why filter is ranked the second place in our list. There are a variety types of filters in aquarium trade which are manufactured to serve different purposes. Among them, the most popular and frequently used are canister filters, power filters, and sponge filters. Each one will have its own design to fit a specific fish tank. Canister filters are powerful mechanical aquarium filters hence, best suited for medium- to large-sized tanks (those larger than 40 gallons). It can deal with heavy loads of waste therefore, mostly used for community fish tanks. While power filters are highly preferred by those aquarists possessing general/ small to medium-sized tanks which do not keep too much fish. Power filters are easily found in the aquarium market as they are regarded as standard, easy to set up and easy to run. Last but not least is sponge filters. Compared to the two above, sponge filters are not that much powerful. The weakness turns out to be the strength of this type since it can be used for breeding tanks where the inhabitants seem not to tolerate strong currents.

  1. Heater

Heaters are strongly required for tropical fish tanks. Failure to maintain the proper temperature for the freshwater fish, everything goes down the drain. Fish are cold-blooded creatures. They almost rely on the surrounding temperature to sustain their body temperature. The tropical species could not survive in the unlike environment. That is why without aquarium heaters, your fish may face lots of troubles in terms of health and endurance.

Like filters, there are various types of heater which are designed to serve specific fish tanks. For the ease of finding your own one, you may refer to our article for more information: How to choose the right aquarium heater for your fish tank?

  1. Lighting

The need for lighting of fish is less serious than that of aquatic plants. In this situation, light serves two purposes: enhancing the fish’s colors and acting as a biological clock helping them recognize day and night cycles. However, if your fish tank plants live aquarium plants, things will be different. Light now turns out to be very important in deciding the survival of those plants. A single low-wattage fluorescent bulb will suffice a fish-only tank yet be an issue to heavy-planted tanks. Therefore, be sure to identify the type of fish tank you wish to create in order to choose the appropriate lighting system for it.

Another issue worth your attention while choosing lighting devices is algae outbreaks. Light often relates to the excess growth of algae. When the conditions are met, and with the exposure of strong light for a long time, algae blooms naturally. This leads you back to the matter of choosing the fishkeeping model. In case strong light is required, you should further think of the measures to control the algae growth in the fish tank.

  1. Aquarium chemicals

There are loads of chemicals necessary to maintain the ideal fishkeeping environment as well as the inhabitants living therein. However, in this topic, we think that the three following chemicals are worth mentioning of all as every fishkeeper from the beginners to even the experts all needs to have them.

    Water conditioner is the chemical which neutralizes unwanted metals and chlorine, breaks down chloramines, effectively rendering tap water safe for the fish’s enjoyment. As you may know, fish are sensitive to these substances contained in tap water, the source that is mostly used by many aquarists for their tanks. Hence, in order to reduce and eliminate them, water conditioner appears to be the effective solution. The product is easily found in the aquarium market and requires no difficulties in terms of usage. Simply follow the instructions addressed on the product label and you could be worry-free about the toxicity in tap water.

    Like other products, there are a lot of brands available in the market nowadays which may cause you to be confused a little. In that case and for your ease, you could find the trusted products at our SplashyFishStore

    • Nitrifying bacteria

      As explained above, nitrifying bacteria act as a biological filter removing toxic ammonia and nitrite, instantly working to help create the nitrogen cycle in fish tanks. Nitrifying bacteria are required for the fish tank in all stages though they are most needed for new/uncycled aquariums. If you keep fish in a tank that has not yet cycled, the anticipated outcome is that your fish are overwhelmed with the ammonia continuously produced and die eventually.

      Generally, beginners must cycle their aquariums before introducing any fish to. The process may take a week or more to build up the nitrifying bacteria as well as allow the aquarium environment to be well-established. That has not mentioned the whole process takes you a lot of effort in testing and monitoring water conditions frequently. In order to weigh off your shoulders, live bacteria products, like Frizzyme 7 Nitrifying Bacteria or Seachem Stability, have entered the aquarium market. Instead of letting nitrifying bacteria emerge naturally, the products introduce the proper balance of bacteria proven to rapidly seed biofilters, greatly reducing the natural cycle time allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock.

      • Parasite control

        Now comes the annoying and unavoidable part: Parasite. Parasite occurs mainly when the living environment of fish is unclean or you introduce ‘new members’ that have parasites attached to. We say parasites are annoying because of the bad effects it brings back. Not only parasites harm your fish community but they are also hard to get rid of. Dealing with parasites by isolating the infected is not enough. You sometimes need the assistance of parasite control medication, especially those severe cases. Treat the infected with proper methods and in due time will help you save your beloved fish.

        1. Fish food

        Animals eat to survive. Fish are no exception. When it comes to fish food, the safe and prioritized choice is commercial specialized fish food. Do not hesitate between commercial specialized fish food and any typical human food, particularly fishkeeping beginners. You have not had enough experience in knowing your fish and dealing with the problem that occurred when providing them with human food. Thus, the best option should be specialized fish food. Even the experienced aquarists recommend using specialized fish food.

        Besides, since they are specialized, the experts have thoroughly experimented and examined to figure out the optimal formula allowing fish food to contain enough yet balanced nutrients needed. Hence, feeding your fish with their specialized food will help them not only get enough nutrients to survive but absorb required minerals to protect them from illness.

        Furthermore, specialized fish food is designed to allow the fish to consume completely in a short time. This will reduce the amount of leftover food in the tank as well as maintain the water standard which may be affected badly if human food is given.

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        1. Water testing kit

        No one can learn the water parameters with their bare eyes. That is why a water testing kit should not be ignored. 

        You want to know whether the tank cycle process is complete, you need to use the water testing kit. Your fish have become dull lately, and you wonder if the cause is water conditions, you need to use the water testing kit to check. A lot of fishkeeping tasks involve the water testing kit. Therefore, equipping yourself with the kits is necessary. They are easy to use and widely available in the market. Our store sells several types of water testing kits, which are trusted (because of accurate results) and recommended (easy to use with clear instructions on the labels) by many aquarists.

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        Fish-keeping hobby should bring joy rather than concern. Splashy Fish Store is happy if the above information is useful to you. Enjoy your time and be happy fish keeping.

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