About Us

Splashy Fish was founded in 2020 pre-pandemic by Nguyen Le. Nguyen has 10+ years of experience in freshwater aquarium specialized aqua scaping design, breeding betta, and guppies. Before founding Splashy Fish, Nguyen bred bettas and guppies as a hobbyist and sell them to local customers and ship them to out-of-state customers to cover some cost of breeding. He wants to take his hobbyist to the next level and decided to sell all his aquariums and started this business as a side hustle business. Splashy Fish was originally sold on the E-bay platform to gain customers. Once the pandemic hit, everyone stayed home and the interest in the hobby grow. Nguyen then quit his cooperate job and focus on Splashy Fish full time. Nguyen self-designed the website, partnering with local breeders and international breeders to source the highest quality of fish and aquarium plants.

Splashy Fish started in a garage with 10 aquariums of 10 gallons, later grow to 1000+ gallons aquarium store and continue to grow bigger. We only put one species of fish per tank to ensure proper quarantine process, care and prevent unwanted cross breeding. Splashy Fish's mission statement is Splashy Fish strives to provide our customers with proper knowledge, the highest quality, the most sustainable live freshwater fish, freshwater shrimps, aquatic plants and premium fish foods, highest quality aquarium supplies, and fish tanks accessories to keep your friends happy & healthy.

We offer knowledge blogs that we focus on Beginner Guide to start and maintenance the aquarium to advance level with care guide for specific type of fish. We hope that these knowledges will help our customers to learn and provide your fish a proper eco-system and happy life. Splashy Fish will continue to develop and hopefully we will have a YouTube channel that can show our customers in person all the knowledge.

Today, Splashy Fish can ship to all customers in the continental US, have pond and aquariums services department. Splashy Fish is an authorized dealer for multiple highly recognized brands such as Seachem, Fritz Aquatics, Fluval, Omega One, Tropica, New Life Spectrum, Dainichi, and Brightwell Aquatics, Continuum Aquatics, Hakari, Lifeguard Aquatics, and many more.

Splashy Fish really appreciated & thank you personally for being a loyal customer to our small business throughout the years. Thank you for being a part of Splashy Fish family!