Splashy Fish Review

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Gorgeous and healthy female Betta

I'm very happy with my female Betta. She arrived today. I let her settle in for a few hours with the light off. She kept swimming around. I slowing started to increase the lights. She ate bloodworms right away. She is gorgeous, healthy, friendly and I am very happy. There is a BIG difference in the quality of these Bettas compared to a Petco or PetSmart. You could tell mine was well taken care of. Thank you so much! I'm not much into naming fish, but I keep calling her Ms. Splashy. She's already made friends with the Corydora that's been lonely in the tank. Thank you again!

Beautiful Broad Leaf Plant

The broad leaf Anubias looks phenomenal in my home aquarium. The price point is amazing for such a large healthy plant that is grown submerged at the shop. Not a single sign of melt in my aquarium.

Great Fish and Store

This is my second Betta I've purchased from Splashy Fish and I couldn't be more pleased with them. This guy is super cool and has awesome markings......he is settling well into his new tank. I highly recommend them for all things fish!

Love this site.

Fish is beautiful and healthy. The package was well packaged and shipped quickly.


Beautiful snails. They are a nice asset to tank.

Well packaged but he was dead upon arrival.

Healthy and Handsome.

The Betta I received looked just as handsome as he did in his photo as when I opened the box. It was also perfectly packaged and contained instructions on how to acclimate the fish.

Frozen Fish Food

Excellent product and great selection at a reasonable price…

Zebra Nerite Snails
Barbara Stein

If I could give zero stars I would. All snails arrived dead.

Awesome Fish and Service!

What an awesome fish, and the staff answered my questions over the phone, and the fish was the exact fish shown in the video. He is doing great in my planted tank, and I will definitely be ordering from Splashy Fish again!

German Blue Balloon Ram

Beautiful happy healthy fish. Love it.

Wonderful Experience!

My son asked for an aquarium for his 12th birthday and the staff at Splashy Fish provided all the information he required in setting up and cycling the tank. The FritzZyme ammonia solution did its job wonderfully and in time we were able to pick up a beautiful female betta from them as well. Splashy Fish is a great place for all your aquarium needs!

Sorority Bettas

Very beautiful and healthy

Seachem Clarity
David Jones
Water clarity

I always buy local great product

Excellent service excellent quality.🌺🌺🌺


Very cool snails

Very curious

These fish are not only beautiful but very curious and interactive. They love to watch me as I clean and check in on the tank. Always greeting me at the glass.


This guys are true show stoppers. They have adjusted well and are happily enjoying their community life.

Seiryu Stone
Brittany Newcomb
Great Service

Fantastic experience again. Staff is very knowledgeable and able to answer my plethora of questions. Patient and kind even on a busy day.

Dragon Red Guppy Fish
Melissa Yost-Haynes

Thank you much for beautiful new pets and have a wonderful day!

Healthy and on time

Arrived healthy and is doing well

Helpful Staff

I stopped by the store to buy Red Root Floaters. The person helping me was friendly and knowledgeable. The plants were healthy and are doing great.

Good arrival.

She died a week later. Male i bought same order is fine. Big loss though

Cardinal Tetra Fish
David Cover
Cardinal tetras

Perfect health, Splashy fish really helps to drive the hobby forward by quarantining fish. I’ve never had an issue with fish purchased here.


These guys look amazing. A lot better then i expected and really active as well. I was told they may cause issues and they were on quarantine till yesterday when I purchased them, but they are doing perfectly fine!