Splashy Fish Review

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Great Experience

They have a nice setup and were very helpful and professional. I was setting up an aquarium for the first time, and they provided a lot of great advice. I highly recommend them.

The best of the best fish store in Northern Virginia.

Nguyen, the owner, is very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thanks to him, many hobbyists can get great/beautiful betta fishes. This is the best fish store, I recommend this fish store to all my friends/relatives and all of you.

Northern VA fish store

Great knowledge, great people.

Anubias Nancon Pot Plant
Elizabeth Fairchild

The anubias here is always so healthy and usually thrive in my tank. It’s nice to have a reliable source of access to the classics.

They are so cute

I purchased 2 bristlenose plecos for my 75 gallon tank. I have a common pleco who is HUGE and the laziest fish in the tank. Anywho, the albino plecos are VERY small but super efficient. They clear algae from the glass in 1 pass. I am always happy with my fish purchases here. All of the fish in my tank come from Splashy Fish and they are almost 2 years old.

Tissue culture plant

Healthy plant(s). Great value, many plants for a single price and no issue with snails.

Cardinal Tetra Fish
Hemant Shah
Best place in NOVA to buy your fishes

Great knowledge, great people, healthy fishes, good options.

Cryptocoryne undulatus 'Red' Tissue Culture by Tropica

Colored up quicky and readily accepts powdered food/granules.

Purchased a 1M2F instore and are doing very well. Will be looking to add more soon.

No Ammonia Spike & no dust

Able to add without needing to rinse. Pellets don't float and easy to plant in.

Fast Grower and Unexpected Hitchhiker

I purchased a pot of monte carlo from the store a week ago and have already needed to give it a trim. There was also a small (0.5 cm) snail that snuck in. Hopefully, I'll be able to identify it once it grows bigger.

Cardinal Tetra Fish
George Kullavan
Small, but healthy

Picked up 7 Cardinal Tetras to join 3 survivors from a group I had bought elsewhere. These are only 3/4" in size but are very healthy. By the same time in quarantine, the previous group had already lost 2 and would go on to lose 60% of their number. This new group is going strong with only 1 loss due to an unfortunate mistake on my part.

Great plants 🌵🌵🌵

So healthy fresh water plants

Kuhli Loach
Chris Shaw
Kuhli Loach

I bought two kuhli loaches 2 weeks ago and they are doing great. They are very healthy and great cleaners and a great addition to my fish tank. Once again splashy fish were great with their knowledge of compatible fish to pair them with.

Koi Angelfish
Mike L.
Purchase of Angelfish

Splashy Fish is a throwback to old Local Fish Stores (LFS) they has a little of everything but not too overwhelming. On top of that, their fish were of the highest quality. I purchased some Koi Angelfish and they are doing great! Would definitely go back again!

Bacopa Pot Plant
Arthur St. Andre
Bacopa Pot plant

The helped I received in selecting plants was very informative. The specimens I purchased were excellent and healthy. They have been struggling in my tank for reasons that are not clear to me as other plants are doing fine.

Crazy fish

Very pretty very happy fish thumbs up

Amazing Service!

Everyone was very nice and helpful !

Java Moss
Elizabeth Fairchild
Java moss

This is my first time with anything aquarium or aquatic plants and I know it’s supposed to take a few weeks but my hasn’t greened up yet or taken root on the lava rocks I tied them to but they’re doing great though they’re not brown and they didn’t float away or rotted so so far so good :)


You guys feed strictly blood worms every other day to the betas. Plus some are jumpers and escape the tank unexpectedly.
This is important information that should be given to your customers. Maybe a care sheet would be helpful when selling the fish, as not everyone is prepared to feed fresh frozen food and too fully cover the tank for these expensive fish.
You should also consider tiered platforms so the fish can be viewed easily. Also, If the dividers fall down upon return the fish are unexpectedly stressed. Your fish are beautiful but difficult to see and to transition feeding routines.

H38 WYSIWYG Premium Halfmoon Betta

Wright Frank
Siamese Algae Eater

The fish we bought is growing fast and seems very happy. I left him a cucumber slice, which my other fish never went for, but the SAE loves it. I've seen it eating lots of the algae that grows on my plant leaves, which is great, because my bristlenose doesn't really do much with that.

Healthy shrimp arrived on time, safely packaged. Acclimated nicely to long-cycled tank (using drip method) and began grazing right away. Seem accustomed to having people near tank, observing them, as well as lights & (typical) sounds. None DOA. Pretty red shades that increased in brightness as they settled in. Healthy and well-bred! Began mating & some are now berried (carrying eggs). Trustworthy shop- Highly recommend.

FritzZyme Turbo Start 700

Beautiful and Peaceful fish

I love my Blue Tarzan! Splashy has some of the best, and healthiest, specialty guppies in the DMV. Quite an impressive selection!