48 Hours Splashy Fish Guarantee

At Splashy Fish, We takes great care to ensure that your live fish, invertebrates and crustaceans you choose are in a healthy condition to meet our highest industry standard and your complete satisfaction with your purchase. All Splashy Fish's live fish and animal went through a 14 days quarantine process to ensure the healthiest live fish. 

All live Aquatic fish or invertebrates purchased at Splashy Fish physical stores located in Springfield, VA are guaranteed to stay alive for 48 hours from the time your took them home excluded any live fish order that we special order for our customers. We will gladly help you to trouble shooting why or what made your fish past away, and we will be more than happy to provide you a credit for your next purchase as gift card. 

Returns or refunds cannot be offered on Live Fish, Invertebrates that you decide you do not want. Please ensure the items you order are what you want before finalizing the order.

If you experience a loss of your freshwater fish, invertebrates that was purchased from our physical store within 48 hours of purchase please contact our customer team at +1-703-828-7809 or email us at support@splashyfishstore.com.


  • Your purchase have to made or pick up at our physical store and have the order number. 
  • You must provide us a photograph or video of your specimen as proof of loss. 
  • Splashy Fish's Customer need to have well established tank (cycled tank) and perform a proper acclimated procedure. 
  • Splashy Fish's Customer must contact our Splashy Fish Customer Team within the required time frame as stated above. No refund can be offered if the contact is not made within these time frames. 
  • Please do not mail any specimens back to Splashy Fish.