48 Hours Splashy Fish Guarantee

At Splashy Fish, we are deeply committed to ensuring the health and satisfaction of our customers when it comes to live fish, invertebrates, and crustaceans. All the live aquatic creatures you select go through a meticulous 14-day quarantine process to meet our industry's highest standards for quality.

For customers purchasing live aquatic fish or invertebrates from Splashy Fish's physical stores in Springfield, VA, we offer a guarantee of 48 hours from the time you bring them home. This guarantee, however, excludes any live fish orders that are specially requested by our customers. We're here to assist you if, unfortunately, your fish don't make it, and we'd be delighted to provide you with a credit for your next purchase in the form of a gift card.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or offer refunds for live fish and invertebrates that you decide you no longer want. We kindly ask that you ensure your order aligns with your desires before finalizing it.

In the unfortunate event of a loss within 48 hours of purchasing freshwater fish or invertebrates from our physical store, please reach out to our customer team at +1-703-828-7809 or email us at support@splashyfishstore.com.

Here are the requirements for our guarantee:

1. Your purchase must be made or picked up at our physical store, and you need to have the order number.
2. Provide us with a photograph or video of your specimen as evidence of the loss.
3. Our valued customers should maintain a well-established and cycled tank and perform a proper acclimation procedure.
4. It's crucial to contact our Splashy Fish Customer Team within the specified time frame mentioned above. Regrettably, we cannot offer refunds if you do not reach out within this timeframe.

Here are additional conditions that do not qualify for our guarantee:

1. Fish that have met an unfortunate end due to jumping out of the tank.
2. Fish and other live animals that have faced a regrettable fate due to equipment malfunctions, including situations where they become stuck or sucked into decorations or filters.
3. Fish or invertebrates exposed to extreme environmental conditions or water parameters outside our recommended ranges.
4. Specimens that have been exposed to medications or treatments not recommended by Splashy Fish.
5. Cases where the customer has failed to provide appropriate care, nutrition, or maintenance for the aquatic creatures.
6. Losses occurring due to factors beyond our control, such as natural disasters or power outages.
7. Fish or invertebrates that were stressed or injured during transportation, but the customer failed to promptly follow our acclimation guidelines.
8. Losses resulting from aggressive behavior or territorial disputes among the aquatic creatures in your tank.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these scenarios as they often involve factors that are outside our direct influence or related to care and maintenance that falls within the customer's responsibility.These additional scenarios highlight situations where our guarantee may not be applicable, as they often involve factors outside our responsibility or due to conditions not meeting our recommended care guidelines.

We kindly request that you refrain from mailing any specimens back to Splashy Fish. We're here to provide you with exceptional customer service and support for your aquatic companions.