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Hello, and Welcome to Splashy Fish. We are excited for you to come to our store. Thank you for being interested in our in-person shopping experience. We are a home base business and require an appointment to visit.

We are proud to offer your 48 hours Splashy Fish Guarantee. All live fish purchases made at our physical store have went through at least 14 days quarantine and are guaranteed the healthiest condition and complete satisfaction.

If this is your first time owning fish, We highly recommend learn about nitrogen cycle the fish tank beforo schedule the appointment. If you don't know how,  please take a look at our article how to cycle fish tank

Due to COVID-19, our store is limited to appointments only. We look forward to helping you pick out your next favorite fish and helping you troubleshoot problems and questions you might have.

As we operate for limited hours, we are pleased to offer assistance to beginners in the hobby, those facing issues with their tank or a new tank, or anyone experiencing any problems through phone call, text, or email.

We are looking forward to see you at our store soon.