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Hello, and Welcome to Splashy Fish. Thank you for being interested in our aquarium consulting. This is good for beginner hobbyist trying to getting to the hobby and would like to have a one to one question and answer to our team member or a advance hobbyist that would like to ask us more question about the breeding or some advise for professional aquascape. 

Beginning of July 1st, 2023, we have moved to a brick and mortar store therefore no more in person shopping appointment is required. We have this appointment therefore our team member can have more time to spend one to one with our customer if customer have questions or or concerns. 

We are proud to offer your 48 hours Splashy Fish Guarantee. All live fish purchases made at our physical store are guaranteed the healthiest condition and complete satisfaction.

If this is your first time owning fish, We highly recommend learn about cycling the fish tank. please take a look at our article how to cycle fish tank this would help you to have a good understanding of the basics knowledge before our calls.

We look forward to helping you pick out your next favorite fish and helping you troubleshoot problems and questions you might have.

If you have a new tank or have a problem, please take a picture or record a video of your fish tank, record the tank temperature and bring a tank water sample to us for complimentary testing and troubleshooting.