The 5 Best Moss for Freshwater Shrimp

Moss Plant is indispensable in the list of favorite aquatic plants for a freshwater shrimp tank. Easy to care for, hard to kill, and don’t demand any special attention – that’s why Moss is always a great choice of aquarists. At the same time, Moss also creates an impressive green carpet for your aquarium. Java Moss and Christmas Moss are popular recommended moss plants that are good for beginners, and your shrimp will love them. In addition, our list will also introduce some other types of Moss that are not only beautiful but also provide significant benefits, such as improving the water quality as well as the health of your shrimp.

One common thing is all of them can stay well and live in harmony with various types of shrimp. Not only famous for their coverage and protection ability, but these Moss plants also offer supplementary food to the shrimp when there is nothing left to eat. However, to avoid these beautiful green plants becoming too damaged, ensure to feed your shrimp sufficient food.

1. Java Moss

Java Moss and shrimp (Crystal Red Shrimp)are such a great combination. Being the most favourite plant of shrimp breeders, Java Moss is widespread and present in almost every aquarium. As a beginner-friendly plant, Java Moss can multiply and stay healthy in different water parameters and lighting conditions.

This plant benefits a lot for your shrimp’s growth in overall. Firstly, it provides a hiding place for baby shrimp and shrimp during the molting. Besides, the leftover food stays on Java Moss's surface and creates a natural feeding ground where shrimp can graze. Finally, Java Moss also promotes micro-bacteria development which is essential for newborn shrimp. This moss benefits other freshwater tank inhabitants as well.

Java Moss can be planted on a substrate and attached to other objects by plant glue. This plant only demands a little space to grow. Since the growth is fast, adding fertilizer is not a need, but trimming and pruning are important to avoid shrimp getting stuck in this dense structure.

2. Christmas Moss 

The name Christmas Moss comes from its leaves resembling a Christmas tree. Like Java Moss, this is a lush plant commonly used to create moss walls in the aquarium. These dense and soft leaves become ideal places for shrimp to find leftover food and other particles remaining on the surface of this plant. At the same time, it is a safe place for baby shrimp to hide from danger. 

Christmas Moss is a hardy plant, making it one of the best aquarium plants for beginners. It tolerates a wide range of water conditions and environments. This plant is harmless and will stay in peace with all the creatures in your tanks. Christmas Moss is a low-growing plant that you can even introduce to a small-sized tank by leaving it to float freely on the surface or attaching to a heavy ornament. To help it grow bigger, using a rich-based substrate to provide the roots with essential nutrition. 

3. Flame Moss


Flame Moss is a modern look aquarium plant famous for its unique growing way. The stems and leaves grow upwards and twist, producing a green flame-shaped appearance. Flame Moss is excellent at adjusting the levels of nitrites, nitrates and ammonia in your tank. This plant also provides the perfect shade and coverage for your shrimp. 


Like other moss, Flame Moss grows from rhizoids and can be attached to driftwood or rocks. This moss can grow both submerged and emersed, but when leaving it submerged, it grows faster to the maximum size of 3-4 inches to become a dense bush and have a better look. Leaving this moss floating can result in sucking up into your filter. Caring for this moss is easy with no substrates. It can thrive in many aquarium conditions but is sensitive to harsh lighting. 


Ideal tank mates of Flame Moss include Amano shrimps, Ghost shrimps, and Cherry Shrimps – the peaceful, humble, small shrimp. Avoid adding this moss with large and aggressive inhabitants since their movements can cause damage to the tiny leaves of Flame Moss. 


4. Spiky Moss 


Spiky Moss is a gorgeous aquarium moss used popularly in aquascaping with leaves look like a fir tree. It’s also loved by beginners for its sturdy structure and is an easy plant in terms of care. Spiky Moss can survive in most water conditions and environments, making it an excellent option for low-maintenance tanks. But you should avoid changing parameters because it makes this moss dies. 


Like other mosses in this list, Spiky Moss can grow underwater and emersed. If planted submerged, this plant needs to be attached to a heavy object such as wood, rock or stones for the best appearance. You can plant it in either vertical or horizontal positions. Its dense branches shoot rapidly and grow upright in bright green. This rank structure creates a large coverage area and the safest environment, especially for breeding and baby shrimp. It’s also a food source for Ghost Shrimp and Amano Shrimp. The algae can get trapped in the layers of Spiky Moss, so Shrimp can come and enjoy their favourite food. Because of its fast-growing rate, ensure you prune your moss regularly to avoid the shrimp getting stuck in this bush. 


5.Taiwan Moss 


Like Spiky Moss, Taiwan Moss’s leaves has a soft texture and triangular shapes that look like a fir tree. It usually grows horizontally and fully submerged, with the root attached to rocks, driftwood, or other objects, and grow into a moss carpet. Taiwan Moss is commonly used as an alternative to Java Moss because they share similar care requirements and is a beautiful plant for decorative purposes. Beginners will love its sturdy nature and ability to thrive in wide range of water condition. 

As one of the fastest-growing plants, Taiwan Moss creates a dense region where tiny shrimp can stay safely under the protection of the bushy branches. Besides that, the plant helps to promote algae growth - the perfect food for your shrimp, as well as absorb waste and toxins from the water to help improve the water quality and the shrimp’s healthy. The leaves of Taiwan Moss are also a source of nutritious food for the tiny shrimp and contribute to the shrimp’s growth.  


6. Weeping Moss (bonus moss)


Weeping Moss is named for its appearance that resembles teardrops. This hanged dense moss is a hardy fast-growing plant with low demand. The ability to tolerate water parameters changing makes it a beginner-friendly plant. This plant is incredibly satisfying when attached to driftwood, creating a forest with high aesthetics in the aquarium. 

Talk about the beneficial aspect, the fresh oxygen supply through the plant help improve the water quality and speed up the growth of shrimp. The dense forest created by this plant offers your shrimp a peaceful environment. It is the perfect shelter for tiny shrimp to hide from predators, reducing their stress and keeping them living happily longer. 

Nano shrimp also eats the Weeping Moss when they are hungry and run out of food. This plant can provide enough essential nutrition necessary for your shrimp. The shrimp can also find algae within Weeping Moss plants. Nano shrimp may get stuck in this plant, therefore, trimming is an essential requirement if you have this plant in your aquarium.