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The biggest benefit of Java Moss (scientific name: Taxiphyllum barieri) is their ability to soften harsh features in aquariums. And if you are a big fan of aquascape hobby, you should not have ignored them.

Java Moss is an easy to care for plant. The bright green species can grow on any surface and provide a pleasing look to anywhere it goes by. Native to Asia, Java Moss prefers good water current with soft acidic levels and temperature around 21-24oC. Low to high lighting conditions are acceptable to them, and this is also the interesting feature about Java Moss. The plant will respond differently when exposed to different lighting conditions. Many aquarists reported that Java Moss grows taller and thinner under low lighting systems whereas with the high lights, the plant will develop denser and more compact. The lighting factor also decides the need of supplements. If you leave Java Moss under moderate to high lighting, you may supplement them with CO2 and liquid fertilizers frequently. However, in many other cases, the addition may not be required regularly.

Known for its small size, the plant is surely placed in the foreground of aquariums. If you don’t like that setting, you can freely attach them to hardscapes such as driftwood, rock caves to create your desired landscape. Or you could use Java Moss to create a green wall in the back of your aquarium like most other aquarists do. Simply attach them to mersh materials then put it to the designed location and let it self-establish. You will be soon rewarded. 

What You Can Expect From This Plant:

  • Natural and damp-forest-like view 
  • Provide hiding places for fish, baby fish or fish eggs
  • Undemanding species


  • Temperature: 69° - 75° F (21° - 24°C)
  • pH: 5.5 – 8.0 
  • GH: 6 – 20 dGH 
  • Minimum tank size: 10 gallons


  • Supplements: CO2 additives and fertilizer may not be necessary, subject to lighting conditions.
  • Lighting: Low to high, although it prefers the moderate. Please note that low lights will affect the growth rate while high lights may encourage the algae growth.
  • Origin: Asia 
  • Potential height: Up to 4 inches (10 cm)
  • Aquarium placement: Foreground, background 
  • Growth rate: Slow to medium 

See more details about care guide for Java Moss here.

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