Micranthemum Tweediei &
Micranthemum Tweediei &

Micranthemum Tweediei 'Monte Carlo' Potted

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Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' is native to Argentina. It has compressed, bright green leaves on creeping stalks and sprouts rapidly creating a floor covering in the front of the aquarium. The plant grows best in shade, but requires good light conditions as well as CO2 in order to grow its finest and become really compact.

The plant can grow in light shadow, but requires good light conditions, and it prefers a CO2 additive, in order to develop optimally and become really compact.    However, it can grow in a low tech setup (no CO2) with good lighting and nutrition.

This plant is grown locally (Malta) by one of our partner aquarium plant keepers/breeders and is sold as a potted plant.