Type of Betta Fish & Naming of each betta species.

Why Betta fish have so many name? It is because that there is so many variance of a betta fish. Let learn how to proper name a betta fish.

The "formula" to name a betta correctly is this 

"Color then Scale Type then Tail Type then Betta Size then Betta Gender then"

If you have a Red color betta with Galaxy BodyHalfmoon Plakat tail type with Giant Size and Male Betta. You will the name for the fish is Red Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Giant Male Betta Fish

We intend to create this article to also help you to understand more about the multiple variance of betta and as a guide to share with you what we carry currently and in the past as the trend of Betta Fish evolve over the years. 

Halfmoon Betta Fish

1. Solid Color Halfmoon Betta Fish

          Red Halfmoon Male Betta Fish

          Super Blue Halfmoon Betta Fish

           Yellow Halfmoon Betta Fish


2. Multi-Color Halfmoon Betta Fish

    • Mustard Gas Halfmoon Betta Fish
    • Peppermint Halfmoon Betta Fish
    • Deep Blue and Purple Halfmoon Betta Fish

        Blue Halfmoon Male Betta Fish

3. Dumbo Ear Halfmoon Betta Fish

         Dumbo Ear Halfmoon Lavender Male Betta Fish

Halfmoon Plakat (HMPK) Betta Fish

1. Koi HMPK Betta Fish

      • Koi Nemo HMPK Betta Fish

    Koi Nemo Halfmoon Plakat Betta Fish is well know for their multi color on the body with the base orange and red. Depending on the each breeder the babies can have more yellow than red vice versa. 
    Koi Nemo Betta Fish
    There are so many type of Koi Galaxy. The Galaxy is consider when a betta fish have speckle white color on the body on top of a base color of the fish like red, blue, black, yellow etc. The more galaxy a betta fish have on the body the higher the quality would be. The unique thing about a Koi Galaxy Betta is non of the pattern will be the same just like a human finger print.  It all named base on the base color of the fish for example we have
    Red Koi Galaxy HMPK Betta Fish
    Red Koi Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Betta Fish
    Show Grade Koi Galaxy Betta Fish
    (A Sample of Show Grade Red Koi Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Male Betta Fish)
    This consider as Red Koi Galaxy because the base of the body have Red color follow by multi color of the galaxy patterns therefore this Betta have that name. 
      • Black and Blue Koi Galaxy
    Black and Blue Koi Galaxy Male Betta Fish

    2. Fancy Type HMPK Betta Fish

    Red Fancy Betta Fish For Sale
    (A perfect sample of of a standard Red Fancy with White Color)
    Show Grade Red Fancy Betta Fish
    (A Sample of a Red Fancy Betta with a lot of Blue)
      • Yellow Fancy HMPK Betta Fish

    This is the betta fish that have yellow and blue on the body. 
      Show Grade Yellow Fancy Betta Fish For Sale | Betta fish yellow and blue

        3. Dumbo Ear HMPK Betta Fish

         Lavender Dumbo Halfmoon Plakat Betta Fish

        White Dumbo Halfmoon Plakat Betta Fish

        4. Dragon Scale HMPK Betta Fish


          Giant Halfmoon Plakat (HMPK) Betta Fish

          1. Koi HMPK Betta Fish

            • Koi Nemo HMPK Giant Betta Fish

            • Red Koi HMPK Giant Betta Fish

            • Red Koi Galaxy HMPK Giant Betta Fish

            • Yellow Koi HMPK Giant Betta Fish

            • Red Fancy HMPK Giant Betta Fish (Hellboy HMPK Betta Fish)

          Wild Type Betta Fish