Dwarf Hairgrass Potted Plant

Dwarf Hairgrass Potted Plant

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With green coloration, tall and thin strands/blades resembling grass-like appearance, Dwarf Hairgrass (scientific name: Eleocharis parvula will create a lush field aquascape for your aquarium. It is termed ‘dwarf’ mainly because it grows relatively short compared to other related species. This feature helps it obtain the position in the foreground to midground of aquariums.

Dwarf Hairgrass appreciates soft substrate with rich fertilizer. It is also known for tolerance of a broad spectrum of water parameters although it will thrive in the neutral pH with a general hardness of 2-10. High lighting and CO2 additives are not always necessary to Dwarf Hairgrass but it will definitely increase its growth rate and thickness.

When planting Dwarf Hairgrass, you should bury the roots fully into the substrate and keep all the strands above. After several weeks, you will find the plant sends its runners all around and creates a lush green carpet covering the ground. 

On a further note, Dwarf Hairgrass can outcompete other plants for nutrients and space once established. So you should be careful when considering its plant tank mates. Things go different when it comes to fish tank mates. It is regarded as an ideal shelter to bottom-dwelling fish thanks to its density. Moreover, as it grows taller, its blade gently slows along with the currents which adds interest and enjoyment for your fish to live in this lively environment.

What You Can Expect From This Plant:

  • Rich, bright coloration 
  • Ideal shelter for bottom-dwelling fish
  • Thrive in low-tech aquarium set up


  • Temperature: 70° - 83° F (21° - 28° C)
  • pH: 6 – 7.5 
  • KH: 4-8 dKH
  • GH: 2-10 dGH
  • Minimum tank size: 10 gallons


  • Supplements: CO2 is recommended, [insert fertilizer]
  • Lighting: Moderate to high
  • Potential height: 1-4 inches (2.54 – 10.16 cm) 
  • Aquarium placement: Foreground to midground
  • Growth rate: Moderate to fast

See more details about care guide for Dwarf Hairgrass here.

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