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German Golden Balloon Ram

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Golden Ram (scientific name: Mikrogeophagus ramirezi var. “Gold”) is a color variation of the popular German Blue Ram. The yellow glow mainly focuses on its head and slowly fades into shimmering silver at the end of its body which charms everyone who just happens to encounter them.

Like German Blue Ram, Golden Ram is recommended to more advanced aquarists as they require strict water quality and habitat. They prefer a planted aquarium filled with sandy substrate and decorations. As they may require some hiding places, especially during breeding, you should consider putting driftwood, rock caves or the like into your aquarium. While doing so, remember to leave them some open spaces for swimming and splashing.

Cichlids are well known for their aggressive disposition and Golden Ram is not an exception. Such tendency even increases during spawning. Hence, when you find their tank mates, you should opf for more durable, larger shrimp and snails rather than dwarf shrimp and other small, delicate invertebrates. Tank size is also another important factor to keep Golden Ram’ aggression under control. Since it is encouraged to keep them in pairs, a minimum tank size of 30 gallons or more will work. 

What You Can Expect From This Fish:

  • Yellow glow ‘boom’ to your aquarium 
  • Able to be compatible with many other species despite its aggression
  • Interesting personality


  • Temperature: 74° - 82° F (23° - 28° C)
  • pH: 6 – 7 
  • KH: 2 – 15 dKH
  • Minimum tank size: 20 gallons for one Golden Ram and 30 gallons for a pair


  • Diet: Golden Ram is omnivore and not a picky eater. They can accept various types of food from brine shrimp, bloodworms to eventually fish flakes or pellets. Providing Golden Rams with a variety of high-quality food will keep them healthy and in optimal coloration.
  • Social behavior: Semi-aggressive
  • Origin: Tank-bred
  • Average adult size: 2 inches (5 cm)
  • Average purchase size: 1 – 1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.8 cm)

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