Wild Betta Imbellis Betta

Wild Betta Imbellis Betta

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Betta Imbellis have been long thought to be peaceful and can be housed in pairs or groups

Known as the “peaceful” or Cresecent Betta in the hobby, Betta imbellis is a close relative of the hobby classic Siamese Fighting Fish and is found in shallow swamps and rice paddies throughout Southern Thailand and Malaysia. Unlike Betta splendens, which has been selectively bred for long and extravagant fins for the pet trade, this species is still considered a wild type with shorter fins and slightly more subdued colors. As their name suggests, the Peaceful Betta is not nearly as territorial as some other species in the genus and can be maintained in groups as long as they are provided with plenty of space and cover for individual males or pairs to establish territories. Ideal for a heavily planted display, they are hardy, colorful, and unique fish that will do well in a variety of conditions.

Preferred Water Parameters
pH: 6.5 – 7.5
Temp: 72 – 82F

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