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Splashy Fish was founded in 2020 pre-pandemic by Nguyen Le. Nguyen has 10+ years of experience in freshwater aquarium specialized aqua scaping design, breeding betta, and guppies. Before founding Splashy Fish, Nguyen bred bettas and guppies as a hobbyist and sell them to local customers and ship them to out-of-state customers to cover some cost of breeding. He wants to take his hobbyist to the next level and decided to sell all his aquariums and started this business as a side hustle business. Splashy Fish was originally sold on the E-bay platform to gain customers. Once the pandemic hit, everyone stayed home and the interest in the hobby grow. Nguyen then quit his cooperate job and focus on Splashy Fish full time. Nguyen self-designed the website, partnering with local breeders and international breeders to source the highest quality of fish and aquarium plants.

Splashy Fish started in a garage with 10 aquariums of 10 gallons, later grow to 1000+ gallons aquarium store and continue to grow bigger. We only put one species of fish per tank to ensure proper quarantine process, care and prevent unwanted cross breeding. Splashy Fish's mission statement is Splashy Fish strives to provide our customers with proper knowledge, the highest quality, the most sustainable live freshwater fish, freshwater shrimps, aquatic plants and premium fish foods, highest quality aquarium supplies, and fish tanks accessories to keep your friends happy & healthy.

We offer knowledge blogs that we focus on Beginner Guide to start and maintenance the aquarium to advance level with care guide for specific type of fish. We hope that these knowledges will help our customers to learn and provide your fish a proper eco-system and happy life. Splashy Fish will continue to develop and hopefully we will have a YouTube channel that can show our customers in person all the knowledge.

Splashy Fish is an authorized dealer for multiple highly recognized brands such as Seachem, Fritz Aquatics, Fluval, Omega One, Tropica, New Life Spectrum, Dainichi, and Brightwell Aquatics, Continuum Aquatics, Hakari, Lifeguard Aquatics, and many more.

Splashy Fish really appreciated & thank you personally for being a loyal customer to our small business throughout the years. Thank you for being a part of Splashy Fish family!

Below is the honest review from our customer who have trust, and making Splashy Fish apart with their hobby. 

Splashy Fish Review




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Amazing fish!

This guy is beautiful and social. He’s a little on the spicy side, but he’s been so fun to watch. Highly recommend getting a betta from Nguyen!

5 Stars

I got my betta fish and so far it latest 2 months. Very, very pretty and so colorful. Romero is living his life peacefully in his 5 gallon tank although he flares his gills a lot. I rate it 5 stars and I feel that his was a great price for 30$ and would buy again.

Fantastic King Betta

I received the king betta as pictured/videoed on the Splashy Fish website and I think they did a great job with packaging/shipment. The betta arrived healthy and perked up in a day and is now doing very well, building bubble nests frequently. Very satisified with my order from Spalshy Fish and I highly recommend them if you're looking for specialty betta you can't find near you location!

Picasso is home

A lot of time and thought went into our choice for a betta. Settled on one and was excited to see him in person. He arrived in great condition…packaging was amazing. We followed the instructions to get him acclimated to his new home. All went well. He didn’t eat normally for a couple of days which is to be expected. After that he’s been eating like a champ…flakes, pellets, and bloodworms. His colors are getting brighter and bolder. He’s settled in with his tank mates well….4 tetras and an otocinclus. He’s super active and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

The fish came very fast and

The fish came very fast and was healthy. The fish I received came as discribed in the photos. It adapted to its new environment fast. I am very pleased wih the entire transaction. I would recommend this store to anyone seeking a beautiful fish.


Thought snails were dead, but put them in water and they perked up asap! These guys have grown and thrived so fast! I am about to buy more right now!

Great shrimp and easy local pickup

Will buy again.

Beautiful, healthy, and active fish! Very happy with my purchase!

Great pets and great experience!!

Such an ease purchasing my shrimp and they made the tank look so much better! Service was extraordinary and the owner is so knowledgeable. Definitely recommend!!

Female Koi Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Betta

Excellent customer service for any concerns or information , my fish arrived safe and alive I highly recommend ordering from this store very responsible workers the package was well packaged.

Phenomenal Service. Healthy Fish.

Fish was packed securely and arrived healthy. Has been several days and is acclimating nicely. 10/10 would order again.

So happy with my fish!

I’ve had mixed results in the past when ordering live fish, more bad than good. But buying from Splashy has been my best experience so far!! My betta was shipped the very next day, and packaged well! He seems so well bred on top of being GORGEOUS- identical to his picture. He came showing 0 stress stripes, immediately started exploring his 20g, and was happily eating the very next day. He’s a brave betta too! I like to think all these traits are from good breeding, I’ll definitely be ordering more fish from this seller!! Thank you!!!!

Buy the snail!

I was worried because I live in a very cold state but the snail was packaged perfectly and safely with a heat pack. It’s settling in great and is in perfect condition.

Best place to buy from

She came in on time, with a heated pack still warm. She was actually packed so well she was active in the bag when I took her out the picture didn't give her justice but she's still perfect for my tank and a very well behaved little lady. Her name is Athena. Here is her today about two weeks after.

A Character

Calypso arrived safe and alert! He is quite the character and quickly adjusted to his new home too! Perhaps because of the stress of shipping and time, he has changed a lot in color; now, he has black, less white, less blue, and more red. I recognized that it's still him by his blue eye!

Awesome Snails!

These snails were packaged very carefully and arrived here in the exact time Splashy Fish said that they would! All of them are alive and happy, and a couple are SO MUCH bigger than I thought!! Perfect for my betta tank.

Awesome Snails!

These snails were packaged very carefully and arrived here in the exact time Splashy Fish said that they would! All of them are alive and happy, and a couple are SO MUCH bigger than I thought!! Perfect for my betta tank.

Awesome Snails!

These snails were packaged very carefully and arrived here in the exact time Splashy Fish said that they would! All of them are alive and happy, and a couple are SO MUCH bigger than I thought!! Perfect for my betta tank.

Great experience buying online

My little buddy arrived in great condition to the Midwest. He didn't lose much color in shipping even. After I finished drip acclimating him and put him in his new home he immediately started hunting copepods and exploring. Such a beautiful fish, I'll be buying again once I get the next tank set up!

Arrived healthy

These fish arrived in great condition and healthy. They have joined my other corydoras and for right in with the rest of them. I love corydoras personalities.

So pretty and healthy

I named him Moo Shu. He arrived in great condition and did not seem stressed at all. He is perfectly healthy. He has the best personality and is already making bubble nests in his new tank.

Blue Dream Shrimp
Alexander Pastella
An amazing experience

This will be the second time I have come here. This place is amazing to the point where my wife has put in a 5 star review herself as well based on her experience too. The Owner, Mr. Le is knowledgeable and amazing with customer service. Anything you need to know or need help with he will provide or at least point you in the right direction. He makes sure that each item or fish you buy is quality and will make sure you are happy with it before he packs it up for you. I have gone to quite a few places for shrimp and fish for my tanks, and I will never go anywhere else again. The blue dream shrimp I have gotten were vibrant and full of a bright blue color. He ships products out as well, but I enjoy going in and seeing how he is doing and seeing everything else he has in stock. If you are an avid hobbyist or like to start put in it, I would recommend going to Splashy Fish and talking with Mr. Le. He is an owner who loves the hobby and wants others to enjoy it too.

Amano Shrimp
Covey Spadel
Happy Amanos’s

They showed up on time and healthy. They are slowly adapting. They sure love my heater though. I was super happy with them! They’re super cute :) I hope they eat up my hair algae.

My Betta

Very Pleased

Awesome place / Fantastic owner

Great place to do business with. Communication is suburb as is the quality of the product(s). If you're on the fence, get off it. Splashy Fish is my new favorite place for everything betta! Recently picked up 12 plants (mostly Anubius), all grown underwater and all doing quite well in the tanks. Choose Splashy Fish and you'll be well pleased.