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Scarlet Temple Potted Plant
Scarlet Temple Potted Plant
Scarlet Temple Potted Plant

Scarlet Temple Potted Plant

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The beauty of Scarlet Temple (scientific name: Alternanthera Reineckii) lies in its coloration of reddish on the topside of the stems, slightly turning into purplish hue when coming to the bottom. Sometimes, when exposed to different lighting conditions, Scarlet Temple’s leaves may vary in different colors and shades (deeper reds and purple tints, or olive-green to brown coloration on the top while the bottom may be more in pink-red hues).

Another plus point of choosing this species is that it is not difficult to care for so long as you provide them the necessaries. Scarlet Temple prefers moderate to high lighting conditions and nutrient-rich substrate (as they really benefit from it). You can consider adding iron fertilization since it helps boost the color of the plant. CO2 supplements are appreciated though they are not quite really needed. 

When taking care of this plant, you should perform regular pruning to maintain its optimal appearance. Remove the rotten portions and encourage a new stem to grow at the node to give your aquarium a bushy scene. 

What You Can Expect From This Plant:

  • Wonderful reddish coloration  
  • Moderate care
  • Provide refuges for your fish


  • Temperature: 63° - 82°F (17° - 28°C)
  • pH: 6-7
  • GH: Soft to hard
  • Minimum tank size: 10 gallons


  • Supplements: CO2 is appreciated but not necessary, nutrient-rich base
  • Lighting: Moderate to high 
  • Origin: South America
  • Potential height: 10-20 inches (25-51 cm)
  • Aquarium placement: Foreground to midground
  • Growth rate: Slow 

See more details about care guide for Scarlet Temple here.