Narrowleaf Chain Sword Potted Plant

Narrowleaf Chain Sword Potted Plant

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The Chain Sword - Narrow Leaf, also known as the Pygmy Chain Sword, is the smallest species of the Alismataceae family. It has very linear leaves, almost without petioles. The Chain Sword - Narrow Leaf requires sandy soil and plenty of light. Under the proper conditions, this Sword Plant will form a thick carpet with its numerous runners. It is amphibious, and will grow either partially or fully submersed.

The Chain Sword - Narrow Leaf requires moderate lighting and water temperatures between 68°-84°F for best growth. It prefers water that has a neutral pH, but can be housed in water with a pH of 6.2-7.5 and still flourish. A nutrient rich substrate will promote growth.

The runners that grow off of mature, healthy plants can best propagate the Chain Sword - Narrow Leaf. When the "baby" is approximately half the size of the "parent," cut the roots apart so they may grow separate from one another. They may occasionally produce seeds that can be used to cultivate new plants, and can also produce adventitious shoots to be used for propagation.

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