Amazon Sword Potted
Amazon Sword Potted

Amazon Sword Potted

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The Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus grisebachii/amazonicus) is an aquatic plant that has become very popular with fish keepers worldwide over the past several years. It originates from the extremely diverse and beautiful Amazon River basin. It is commonly found in aquariums all over the world mainly due to its sturdiness and ability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures. These plants are not only a great choice for fish tanks but are quite popular in plant-only aquariums as well.

Plants in this genus all have a very similar appearance and are easily mistaken for one another, especially because so many of them are used in aquariums.

This is a bushy plant with a short stem. All the leaves extend straight from the roots on thin scapes. The leaves themselves make up most of the plant’s length and reach nearly 14 inches. This plant is quite a large one, growing up to 15-16 inches.

The Amazon Sword Plant should be placed in the center of the tank. This will provide enough space for it to grow and reach its maximum height. As the plant is quite bushy, it will be a great hiding spot for many aquarium inhabitants.

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