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Dwarf Orange Mexican Lobster (Cambarellus Patzcuarensis)

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(Cambarellus Patzcuarensis Orange)

Dwarf Orange Mexican Lobster, also known as Cambarellus Patzcuarensis Orange or CPO crayfish for short, attracts your attention by its fiery orange coloration and active personality. With the appearance resembling a lobster but the size of a shrimp, they can find their comfort in a tank of 5 gallons. As shown in their name, they are naturally found in a few locations in Mexico, usually in small rivers and streams, as well as lakes and ponds. Shallow, slow-moving water with lush plant life are their favourite shelters. Unlike other crayfish, CPO crayfish are quite peaceful and get along well with other peaceful species such as rasboras, rainbowfish, or danios. That said, be careful not to keep CPO crayfish with other dwarf shrimp or slow-moving fish or ones with long flowing fins as they may go after and hurt them. Another plus point is that they are active and do not hide during the day. So, if you choose to keep them, you may occasionally enjoy seeing them around. 

What You Can Expect From This Crayfish:

  • Very active personality
  • Bright orange varieties
  • Peaceful


  • Temperature: 60° - 75°F (16° - 24°C)
  • pH: 6.0 - 8.0
  • KH: 6 - 12 dKH
  • Minimum tank size: 5 gallons


  • Diet: They are omnivorous scavengers so they feed on leftover food or almost any kind of fish food. We recommend high-quality sinking pellets, plants, and freeze-dried or frozen meaty foods. Because CPO crayfish are crustaceans, you should occasionally add cuttlebone to the aquarium to supplement calcium to them.
  • Social behavior: Quite peaceful but can be aggressive/territorial with other crayfish
  • Origin: Tank Bred, but indigenous to Mexico
  • Average adult size: 1.2 - 1.6 inches (3 - 4.1 cm)
  • Average purchase size: 1/4 - 1.0 inches (0.6 - 2.5 cm) 

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