C16 WYSIWYG Premium Male Betta

C16 WYSIWYG Premium Male Betta

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What you see in our photo is what you will get for this purchase. We don't use color enhance software to increase the color of fish in our picture. All fish has been quarantined for 14 days before taken photo and listed online 

The lighting & water parameter we use might be different from your aquarium so colors might be lighter or darker depending on the fish living environment.

Due to stress during shipping, Fish might likely arrive lacking color and doesn't seem like the fish that your purchased. Please give your fish at least 2 to 3 days to bring back the color. We highly recommended to feed your fish with New Life Spectrum Betta food or Frozen Bloodworm for faster recovery and maintain the coloration of your beautiful fish. 

Please keep in mind that these fish also tend to change their scale as they grow and through time. It is very normal with Betta species such as Koi Galaxy, Koi Nemo, Hell boy, or Fancy type.

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