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Freshwater Shrimp

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      Freshwater shrimp are popular products and great additions to many aquariums with plants. At Splashy Fish store, we guarantee these freshwater aquarium shrimp for sale selection are healthy, tank breeding, at a competitive price. Some of the most popular shrimp are red cherry shrimp, bloody mary shrimp, Amano shrimp, snowball shrimp, and blue bolt. Neocaridina davidi can keep with freshwater fish, and freshwater snails. These shrimp require intermediate experience or research before keeping them, especially learning about water parameters such as PH, GH, KH. Having botanicals, good substrate, and freshwater aquarium plants will help the shrimp to thrive and room for juvenile shrimp to grow. Please ensure your aquarium is ready and fully cycled before shopping for these freshwater shrimp. Red shrimp are the most popular and easiest shrimp for sale, while green jade shrimp is the hardest shrimp to breed in the fish-keeping hobby. Ensure to give your shrimp a healthy diet with high protein and high fiber content. We recommend ordering 20 or more shrimps to add to your cart if you want to have a good colony to start breeding. 

      You can get more info about Care Guide for Freshwater Shrimp and shipping information here. 

      Will freshwater shrimp breed?

      Yes, freshwater shrimp, such as cherry shrimp, crystal red shrimp, and blue bolt, can breed in a home aquarium under the right conditions. They are prolific breeders given appropriate water parameters, hiding places, and a stable environment.

      What freshwater shrimp eat algae?

      Freshwater shrimp are omnivorous and can eat various foods, including algae. Certain species are especially known for their algae-eating habits, aiding in aquarium ecosystem balance. For instance, Amano shrimp consume green, brown, and hair algae. While Neocaridina shrimp mainly eat detritus and biofilm, they're less efficient at algae control compared to other species.

      Can freshwater shrimp live with fish?

      Yes, freshwater shrimp can often coexist peacefully with certain types of fish in a well-maintained aquarium and big enough tank size. Freshwater shrimp can be live with Ember Tetras, Chilli Rasboras, Strawberry Rasboras, Pygmy Corydoras, and other fish that are considered nano fish. 





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